Who am I?

  • Sergio Brighenti
  • 14/11/1997
  • sergio@brighenti.me

Hi! Welcome to my website!

My name is Sergio, I am 26 years old, and I am a software engineer. I have been passionate about computer science since I have memories, and over time I have studied and developed skills in the design and development of web applications, services, databases, and organization.
I have skills in the administration of Linux systems, from configuration to maintenance over time, having managed several machines over time for some online communities.
I also dedicate my spare time to some open source projects, which can be consulted from my GitHub account.

Education & Work

A short timeline of school and work experiences.

  • Today

  • Backend Developer

    Servebolt - gen 2023 - Today

    Migration of legacy apps to Laravel. Implementation of features and bug fixes. Using CI/CD, Gitlab, Docker, unit testing.

  • Full Stack Developer

    Everli - lug 2020 - dic 2022

    Implementation and maintenance of Laravel and VueJS based applications. Using CI/CD, Docker, unit testing.

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

    Università degli Studi di Verona - A.A. 2016/17 - 2018/19

    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science L-31.

  • Internship and Degree Thesis: LIKE-A-BILITY

    Department of Computer Science (UniVR) - 2019

    Exploratory research on image captioning combined with extraction of large amounts of data from social networks for trend research, compared with a search system based on text clustering.

  • DevOps Developer

    BBZ s.r.l. - 2017 - 2020

    Design and implementation of a cloud platform used in the management of surgical robotic simulators and surgical robots.

  • Diploma in Computer Science and Telecommunications

    ITIS G. Marconi (VR) - 2011 - 2016

    Diploma of Technical Institute - Course "COMPUTER SCIENCE AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS" - Computer Science Division

  • Junior Developer

    ISGroup s.r.l. - giu 2015 - feb 2016

    PHP developer using the Yii framework, Bootstrap and JQuery. Scholastic internship and then contracted on call.

  • Laboratory Technician

    Easy Comp s.r.l. - giu 2014 - lug 2014

    Repair of computer hardware and software, installation and configuration of software and operating system. Scholastic internship.

Open Source Projects

Some of my active or archived open source projects.



A lightweight file manager with full ShareX support and more



The Telegram bot framework that doesn't drive you nuts.



Compile and manage multiple PHP versions easily!



A simple PHP script that helps you compare raw performance across servers and php versions



Laravel localization bridge for your frontend.



Gradio API client for PHP



A turbocharged json object hydrator for your DTOs



Image manipulation library



A simple, fast and PSR-11 compliant service container



Knowledge of the programming languages Java, C, PHP, Python, and Bash scripting.


Design of MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases.

App Design

Design applications with or without framework using standard programming patterns.

Web Frameworks

Mastery of the web frameworks Laravel, Slim, CodeIgniter and Flask using the related ORMs such as Eloquent and SQLAlchemy.

Version Control

Knowledge of Git and related Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) tools.


Installation, configuration and administration of Linux server systems, such as Debian, Ubuntu server and CentOS.

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